What the Heck is Sugaring?

Utopia Salon & Day Spa now offering Sugaring! Why is Sugaring a sweeter deal in hair removal?


  • Sugar paste is 100% natural. There are no chemicals, fragrance, or artificial coloring. Since it’s made from sugar, water, and sometimes lemon, it is hypoallergenic and even edible!
  • Sugaring is a less painful form of hair removal because it only adheres to the hair. It can be used on the same area more than once. This results in a smoother, more complete service.
  • Sugar encapsulates the hair, reducing broken hairs and ingrown hair bumps.
  • There is never a reason to panic if sugar accidentally ends up in the wrong place. The stickiness of sugar is easily cleaned with warm water.
  • Bacteria can not breed in a tub of sugar.
  • Sugar is ideal for bikini, Brazilian, and underarms.

To schedule a sugaring service or for more information call Utopia Salon & Day Spa today! (360) 573-4806

Summer Feet & Pedicures

Summer is coming!

As we dive into our closets for strappy sandals, and flashy flip flops, let’s take a moment to get those feet looking flip flop fabulous! Of course you should definitely go to Utopia Salon and Day Spa and get a fantastic pedi to start the summer maybe some gel polish or glitter toes to jazz up those sandals. Face it, our feet take a beating throughout the summer months. Frequent maintenance, is a must for these summer days filled with sand, concrete, swimming pools, salt water and prolonged flip flop wearing! Try and avoid walking barefoot especially on carpet. The carpet will pick up the oils in your feet, drying them out as well as breaking down the carpet fibers, thus wearing on your carpet.

Try and use your foot file on your feet before getting them wet. Then apply lotion. This will smooth down the callus that is scratching your sheets when you go to bed, or worse yet your sweeties leg next to you! This is also a good quick fix if you’re in a hurry sanding and lotion do wonders. Ideally you should up your pedicure frequency and let the professionals take care of it for you once a month in the summer with a lovely paraffin treatment to open pores and suck in all that good moisture!

Keeping the feet well moisturized is imperative to the care and treatment of summer feet! This will help prevent cracking and build up. However, if you don’t sand down or sulfur bar the callus ahead of time, the moisturizer won’t be able to get through that thick barrier and your moisturizing efforts will be all for nothing! Remember, if you have a lot of callus, you are not going to get rid of it in one day. It has to be a work in progress and eventually you will bring those feet to a condition where just a little weekly maintenance is all they need to stay beautifully soft in those adorable summer sandals. Bring on the bright polish and toe rings!

– Shelly K. Westphal

Massage and Running

Massage Therapy and Running

It’s marathon season and lately I’ve been asked by a lot of clients if there is anything I can do to help them “go the extra mile.” Here is the best recommendation I can give to those looking to improve run times and cut down on soreness and increase mobility after events.

First of all, regular treatment should be part of your training schedule. You may only think of getting massage after the big race when your glutes, hamstrings and calves are throbbing but if you include massage as one of the components to your training you will be less prone to injury and feel better overall. Immediate benefits of massage include improving blood flow to the muscles, loosens muscles that have contracted from overuse, releases lactic acid that is being stored in muscles (especially important for active people), and shortens recovery time between workouts.

I tell clients to come to me a day or two before their race for a more sports centered massage where I focus on the areas that will be affected during their run. Afterward I suggest they come in a couple days later for a lighter relaxation massage where I concentrate more on relieving any pain or swelling and increasing circulation to aid in recovery.

Water intake is crucial to your performance as well.

Male Drinking Requirement, in fluid ounces:
Body Weight x .35

Female Drinking Requirement, in fluid ounces:
Body Weight x .31

Example: A 132-pound women needs to drink 41 ounces of water a day (132 x .31= 41). She’ll get the rest of her daily water supply from food and metabolic processes. Runners need to drink extra to cover daily sweat losses.

Directly following the race up to a couple days after cold compresses and Epsom salts are an ideal way to cut back the swelling and discomfort in your legs before your massage. Good luck to everyone this year and I’m looking forward to seeing you on my table!

– Katrina Keizer, LMP

Introducing Surface Hair Care

Utopia Salon and Day spa is proud to announce the acquisition of a new hair product line that is available to our guests, starting this week!

Surface is high performance salon exclusive hair care that completely respects personal health and the earth!

  • Certified organic botanicals
  • Sulfate-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Vegan
  • Color Vita-Complex



This line comes to you complete with any and all of your hair care needs. With up to five varieties of shampoos and conditioners, you can strengthen damaged hair with our Trinity shampoo or, stimulate your senses with our Awaken therapeutic shampoo. As most of us color our hair regularly, it is important to provide extra care and porosity equalization to potentially damaged or dry hair. The Surface Trinity Protein Cream uses proteins, oils, and Color Vita Complex to smooth and repair while strengthening cuticle. Mist into clean, damp hair and style as usual!


We at Utopia Salon and Day spa are excited to bring this new hair care line to our valued guests!

Best Salon, Spa & Massage in Clark County

Utopia Salon is Honored and Excited to Announce that we have been chosen as the Best Salon, Spa and Massage in Clark County Washington.

The staff of Utopia knows the importance of always listening and putting our clients first. We strive to provide and excellent experience as well as service and this is why we guarantee all services and products provided and recommended by the staff.

best of cc ad

Salon Reputation

As a professional hairstylist, the most important key to success is a great reputation. So it was very important to me to choose a salon whose reputation is outstanding in talent, and in the community. As much pride as we take in our reputation, we take the same pride in our clients. Clients are the foundation of a successful salon. Recognizing this, we make sure to meet every need and concern the client has. Friendships with the clients are built because of our genuine care for every client and their family.


Hot Stone Massage

Relax. Breathe. Unwind. Feel the heat melt away the tension, stress, and anxiety. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m referring to that “oh so great” feeling you get while receiving a hot stone massage. If you haven’t yet tried hot stone, it’s definitely time to jump on the band-wagon!

Hot Stones have been used for thousands of years for their health and relaxation benefits. The benefits of hot stone massage are profound and rooted in centuries of proof. In These modern times, each practitioner tends to create their own unique hot stone routine, whether that includes placement of the stones, incorporating them into their traditional routine, or using them in a specific therapeutic form to manipulate and target deep into the muscle or trigger points, or all of the above. Any of these varieties can benefit a client in a multitude of ways, when applied by a professional.

Although not a complete list, In general, hot stone has the ability to assist clients with these particular conditions and promote health through the others:

  • improve circulation
  • reduce pain
  • reduce muscle tension
  • ease mental stress
  • improve anxiety symptoms
  • improve depression symptoms

What to Expect

A licensed massage practitioner dependent upon their personal technique or your preference, will heat stones to an appropriate temperature using a hot stone heating element. Your professional will allow the stones to cool to the right temperature before applying them your skin. If the stones are to be placed on the body for any length of time, your therapist will place a barrier between the stones

and your skin to prevent discomfort or burn. Never be afraid or hesitant to tell your therapist if the stones are too warm for you. Each individual is different and thus different temperatures are comfortable. Your treatment is about you, what you need, and how you feel. Injury, tenderness, and other complications in any massage treatment though rare; tend to be the result of a communication breakdown between a client and their professional.

Is Hot Stone for You?

As for any massage modality, hot stone is not for everyone. Be sure to inform your therapist of any health concerns or conditions prior to any treatment. If you have any of the conditions listed below (not a full listing), hot stone massage is not for you:

  • Diabetes
  • cancer
  • autoimmune deficiencies
  • epilepsy
  • heart disease
  • pregnancy
  • skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, etc.)
  • Neuropathy

Whether you regularly receive massage or it’s you first time, February is here and it’s cold out there! Come on in to Utopia and let us warm you up, while we melt away the winter blues, leading to a better you in the New Year! Call to book your appointment today.

Hair Trends to Start 2014


Last year was the year of short and extreme with pixie cuts and vibrant colors leading the way. 2013 was the year that said “Dare me”!  Now with 2014 officially underway it’s time to move in another direction completely.  If fashion week last October was any tell, 2014 is all about classic and natural.  Here are some of the 2014 trends that seem to have the runways and celebrities taking it back to natural.

Glamour Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar both agree it’s time to make Waves.  The mermaid wave has taken over the pristine beach waves.  These loose, tousled, and flowing waves are quick and simple for all to achieve.  The easiest way to accomplish is to start with towel dried hair straight out of the shower, then adding a soft hold mousse or curl cream, and finishing off with a braid.  Allow this to air dry and you have the perfect soft loose mermaid wave.

Another hot trend is the sleek and sporty pony.  The best stylists are keeping it sleek and simple. A low pony at the base of nap can be either dressed up or down for a simple yet effective polished look for day or night.

The braid is not just for kids anymore with stylists like Zach Posen and Karen Walker featuring their shows with this intricate art form.  Marie Claire magazine says “Braids are here to stay.”  Some of the top looks include the crown braid, the fish tail braid, and the warrior braid.  This style can range from the simple to ornate depending on your level of expertise and practice.

Bumble & Bumble and OSIS both featured the “Wet look” as the hot trend to look out for in 2014.  This amazingly vibrant, fresh out of the shower look, , features the sleek high gloss look of the classic finger wave.  This style can be either good or bad depending how work it.  Remember just because it appears wet does not mean it appears a mess, keep this style sleek and polished above all.

Speaking of classic trends making a comeback, the roll is back as well.  This classic, owed to the pin-up era, is one of the hottest trends making it’s revival at fashion week.  This style can be challenging for some or just like riding a bike for others.  Either way this is a sure fire way to get you noticed at work or on the street.

Color trends are also heading back to a more natural palate as well. With beautiful gold accents becoming more popular than the former platinum palates in 2013, the year of “Platinum” has come to an end for blondes and gold is the precious commodity for 2014.  It’s all about warmth in your color for 2014 with Mahoganies, Auburns and Chocolates taking over for Burgundy, Strawberry and Black.

So whether it’s on the street or on the runway, clean and natural seems to be the way to go for 2014.

The Value of a Good Consultation

bad hair dayThe Value of a Good Consultation

It has happened to all of us at least once; you walked into salon or spa, sat in the chair, and ended up leaving completely upset and disappointed.  This experience can certainly be avoided and the key to avoiding an unsatisfactory experience all starts with the consultation

A good consultation is not about saying “I want this or that,” but rather an effective consultation is an open dialogue between you and your practitioner.  Whether the service is by your stylist, massage therapist, esthetician or nail tech; a clear, concise conversation about your wants, needs and expectations is vital to the success of any service.

Here a few key components to remember as a client when it comes to your next appointment with your beauty professional:

1.)     Book time for the consultation

Since the consultation is the key to providing and receiving an excellent end result, it is well worth the time and effort to make sure the salon coordinator books you for a consultation prior to your service.  This is especially true when you are seeking your first service with a beauty expert.  Spending an extra 15 minutes allows you the time to talk to your practitioner without adding the time pressure of running into the next appointment.  This also allows you the time to fill out any forms necessary to ensure the safety and quality of your service.

2.)    Establish your vision

Having a vision of your beauty and health expectations when you arrive at your appointment is the best way start a successful consultation. While some beauty professionals may be flattered when you say, “You’re the professional you decide”, the expert service provider knows that you will be most satisfied with your results if a clear and productive consultation starts your service.  Whether you desire hair color, cut, nails, or any other service; it is always best to come to your service knowing what you expect and to discuss with your provider how those expectations can be met.

3.)    Bring a picture

I picture can speak a thousand words so bringing a picture of what you desire is a fantastic way to start a good consultation.  Stylists are above all visual and artistic.  Bringing in a visual representation of what you want will help the stylist to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve.  But keep in mind that too many pictures can make it harder to determine what you really want.  Three pictures are plenty of material for your expert service provider to get you to the place you want to be.

4) Be Honest

Our parents always told us that “Honesty is the best policy.”  This is never truer than during the consultation with your practitioner.  Telling your stylist “This is my natural color” when the truth is it’s your natural color thanks to an over the counter box color can be detrimental to your service.  Your practitioner cannot achieve the desired results if they do not know all of the information. Talk about your lifestyle, hair care regime, current style, any artificial color and medical issues. Let them know how much time you are willing to spend maintaining your service.  Don’t be afraid to tell the therapist if the pressure is to hard or the pedicure water is to warm.

5.)    Trust your practitioner

Your practitioner always has your best interest at the heart during your services.  You are a walking advertisement for their business so they want you to look your best.  If your practitioner explains to you that your vision may or may not be achievable in one visit, trust that it is for your benefit to believe them.  Your health, safety and the integrity of your service is their top priority.


These simple points regarding how essential a good consultation is will help you and your service provider ensure that you happy and satisfied with your service.

Healthy nails helping you be the best version of yourself

NailsThere are many services at a salon that help women feel and look the best they can be.  If you are looking to become the best version of “YOU,” getting your nails done will help you in your efforts.  Not only will a professional mani/pedi bring the best out in you beauty wise, but the transforming look can also bring out the health in you too.

Safety is the foundation

Your very important starting point regarding beauty and health with nails is a clean and sanitary salon.  At a bare minimum you will want to use a salon that has GREAT sanitation practices.  This is the foundation in which nail beauty and health is built upon.  Nail service providers using bowls instead of jetted tubs, tools that have been cleaned and sanitized between clients, and safe nail finishes are the best bet for you to reach your best.  Remember that not all quick service nail salons provide these safety options as a bare minimum.  Choosing a top quality salon for your nail services will allow you to get top quality services, atmosphere, and sanitation.


Improving health in your hands and feet

Regular manicures and pedicures can actually improve the health of your hands or feet not only in appearance but overall as well.  When you receive services from a quality nail service provider who puts sanitation as a top priority you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Healthily prevents ingrown nails which can cause infections
  • Exfoliation using sanitary equipment can help prevent the build-up of cells which can produce bunions and/or corns
  • The wonderful massage that a quality nail service provider gives you helps promote improved circulation for better health in feet and hands.

Improving mental health by giving yourself a “time out”

When you get a nail service from a high end spa like Utopia, you will increase the peace in your life.  A great spa will make you nail service a great escape from the rigors of daily routine.  With aroma-therapeutic candles, relaxed lighting, and calming music; you can fall deeply in love with your relaxing escape.  Add to that massage chairs, privacy, and special personalized pampering; you are going to experience true rejuvenation when your service is finished and you can walk out feeling healthy, relaxed, and beautiful.

Now you have one more tool to encourage a healthful journey in life.  Regular manicures and pedicures CAN have a positive effect upon your health both physical and mental. After making a relaxing visit to your professional and sanitary nail service provider, you will be well on your way to being the best you that you can be.