All of us can benefit from a regular massage

As you lay face down in a softly lit and soothing room filled with awe inspiring aromas awaiting your massage therapist, you begin to “unwind” as the music calms the tensions of the days and weeks past.  Even before you hear the soft voice of your massage therapist you intuitively know that this moment is for you.  This moment is a time for you to get the best out of your day and you are worth it.  The wonderful anticipation that has built up as you looked forward to “your time” has allowed you to quickly melt away into the moment knowing that when it is all over you will feel better and more prepared to tackle the challenges of life.  Read on to learn how you too can experience an improved life through massage.


Connecting in a disconnected world

We all know the many ways that we can “connect” today: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Texting, Email…  It seems that the more we “connect” the more disconnected we can become from actual people in actual places.  Massage is a fantastic tool that allows us to reconnect ourselves with our innate natural desire for simple human touch. A relaxing hour with a professional massage therapist will “bring you back to reality” so that you can walk away feeling more connected with yourself and the present.

Reduce the damaging effects of stress

Receiving a massage from a trained professional does a body good.  One of the most spectacular ways in which massage does a body good is to reduce the damaging effects of stress through touch and environment.  Negative stress in your life can compromise your immune system and elevate your risk of becoming sick.  Since we all have stress and stress will always be a part of life, a regular massage can help us all deal with the physical and mental pressures of life by relieving some of that pressure.  Each time I have taken time out of my day to take advantage of the many benefits of massage, I have walked away feeling more positive about any challenges I may have ahead of me.  Let the calming and relaxing effect of massage help you to rise above some of those life situations that bring you down.

Massage can help release pressure that headaches build

Forty-five million Americans suffer from chronic headaches and migraines.  When you communicate your chronic headache problems with a professional massage therapist they can help you.  Making massage one aspect of your overall chronic headache treatment plan will help ease the pressures and pains associated with headaches.  Some clients have found that regular massage has decreased the incidence and severity of their headaches.

Massage can help you get back up and running sooner

Rehabilitation from an injury can be completely frustrating.  For clients with an injury, massage can become a highly effective body/mind combo treatment.  Not only will a continual massage program accelerate the recovery process but it will also help you to stay motivated in seeking out the quickest recovery possible.  When part of your recovery process is a special hour set aside just for you that increases relaxation, reduces stress, bridges the gap between body and mind, and aids you in reaching your physical goals…HOW COULD YOU GO WRONG!

Sometimes it is just the right thing and the right time: Story

I have an interesting personal story about massage.  I have spent many hours receiving the benefits of massage but one in particular really changed the way I thought about how it can help me.  It was a particularly stormy time of life for me.  As the facts show, my negative stress was really getting the best of me both physically and mentally.  I felt sickish, tired, weary, and just plain unmotivated.  One day I was just fed up with life’s roller coaster and set up a massage for myself as a way to “bring ME back”.  Actually… it was really just my special way of “telling the roller coaster off”!.  As I entered the treatment room I felt an instant yet growing sense of relief.  As each moment passed listening to the bubbling of a water fall, I felt that much better about NOW.  As the massage went on I had a great realization that I was simply getting what I needed.  It was an escape BACK to reality.  I realized that just the human touch, just the relaxing environment, just the simplicity of the calm during my storm: WAS ALL I REALLY NEEDED to get focused on good rather than bad.  It had been the perfect timing for me to venture off into something special just for me so that I could gain the strength of calm to move forward and feel more positively motivated.

Who wouldn’t want this?  I don’t know many people who have no desire for something that can help them reset their course.  Let massage help you reconnect with yourself and your life today.