Hair Trends to Start 2014


Last year was the year of short and extreme with pixie cuts and vibrant colors leading the way. 2013 was the year that said “Dare me”!  Now with 2014 officially underway it’s time to move in another direction completely.  If fashion week last October was any tell, 2014 is all about classic and natural.  Here are some of the 2014 trends that seem to have the runways and celebrities taking it back to natural.

Glamour Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar both agree it’s time to make Waves.  The mermaid wave has taken over the pristine beach waves.  These loose, tousled, and flowing waves are quick and simple for all to achieve.  The easiest way to accomplish is to start with towel dried hair straight out of the shower, then adding a soft hold mousse or curl cream, and finishing off with a braid.  Allow this to air dry and you have the perfect soft loose mermaid wave.

Another hot trend is the sleek and sporty pony.  The best stylists are keeping it sleek and simple. A low pony at the base of nap can be either dressed up or down for a simple yet effective polished look for day or night.

The braid is not just for kids anymore with stylists like Zach Posen and Karen Walker featuring their shows with this intricate art form.  Marie Claire magazine says “Braids are here to stay.”  Some of the top looks include the crown braid, the fish tail braid, and the warrior braid.  This style can range from the simple to ornate depending on your level of expertise and practice.

Bumble & Bumble and OSIS both featured the “Wet look” as the hot trend to look out for in 2014.  This amazingly vibrant, fresh out of the shower look, , features the sleek high gloss look of the classic finger wave.  This style can be either good or bad depending how work it.  Remember just because it appears wet does not mean it appears a mess, keep this style sleek and polished above all.

Speaking of classic trends making a comeback, the roll is back as well.  This classic, owed to the pin-up era, is one of the hottest trends making it’s revival at fashion week.  This style can be challenging for some or just like riding a bike for others.  Either way this is a sure fire way to get you noticed at work or on the street.

Color trends are also heading back to a more natural palate as well. With beautiful gold accents becoming more popular than the former platinum palates in 2013, the year of “Platinum” has come to an end for blondes and gold is the precious commodity for 2014.  It’s all about warmth in your color for 2014 with Mahoganies, Auburns and Chocolates taking over for Burgundy, Strawberry and Black.

So whether it’s on the street or on the runway, clean and natural seems to be the way to go for 2014.