Healthy nails helping you be the best version of yourself

NailsThere are many services at a salon that help women feel and look the best they can be.  If you are looking to become the best version of “YOU,” getting your nails done will help you in your efforts.  Not only will a professional mani/pedi bring the best out in you beauty wise, but the transforming look can also bring out the health in you too.

Safety is the foundation

Your very important starting point regarding beauty and health with nails is a clean and sanitary salon.  At a bare minimum you will want to use a salon that has GREAT sanitation practices.  This is the foundation in which nail beauty and health is built upon.  Nail service providers using bowls instead of jetted tubs, tools that have been cleaned and sanitized between clients, and safe nail finishes are the best bet for you to reach your best.  Remember that not all quick service nail salons provide these safety options as a bare minimum.  Choosing a top quality salon for your nail services will allow you to get top quality services, atmosphere, and sanitation.


Improving health in your hands and feet

Regular manicures and pedicures can actually improve the health of your hands or feet not only in appearance but overall as well.  When you receive services from a quality nail service provider who puts sanitation as a top priority you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Healthily prevents ingrown nails which can cause infections
  • Exfoliation using sanitary equipment can help prevent the build-up of cells which can produce bunions and/or corns
  • The wonderful massage that a quality nail service provider gives you helps promote improved circulation for better health in feet and hands.

Improving mental health by giving yourself a “time out”

When you get a nail service from a high end spa like Utopia, you will increase the peace in your life.  A great spa will make you nail service a great escape from the rigors of daily routine.  With aroma-therapeutic candles, relaxed lighting, and calming music; you can fall deeply in love with your relaxing escape.  Add to that massage chairs, privacy, and special personalized pampering; you are going to experience true rejuvenation when your service is finished and you can walk out feeling healthy, relaxed, and beautiful.

Now you have one more tool to encourage a healthful journey in life.  Regular manicures and pedicures CAN have a positive effect upon your health both physical and mental. After making a relaxing visit to your professional and sanitary nail service provider, you will be well on your way to being the best you that you can be.