Myths About Hair Color

Expert hair color has become an increasingly important component in a woman’s repertoire. Professional hair color done right can encourage feelings of strength, confidence, and beauty in women. There is nothing more exciting then hearing an array of compliments about your new hair color and there is nothing like that deep down feeling of wholeness that you feel when it is done right. However, there are many myths about hair color that limit its potential great benefits. Below is a list of some of the most pervasive myths regarding hair color that keeps women from feeling their best.

Myth #1: You or your friend can fix hair coloring mistakes yourselves

The bottom line here is that color correction should always be done by a hair color professional. They have the education and the expertise to bring your color back to where you REALLY want it to be. It may be enticing in the heat of a hair color emergency to think you can just cover any mistake with a darker color but this could lead to even more trouble and dissatisfaction.

Twitter PicMyth #2: Getting a professional hair color look is possible at home

Hair color experts often reminisce about emergency appointments to fix damaged and discolored hair from jobs done at home. In fact, most of these emergency appointments are very gratifying for the hair color professional as they get to see a client come in very distraught but leave completely satisfied and at peace about their hair color. Believing that you can get a professional or celebrity look at home is a myth even with single process or semi-permanent coloring. With the more difficult techniques like highlights, strong vibrant shades, and lighter blondes it is a definite no no. Trained hair color professionals will produce a consistently satisfying look that you can feel good about.

Myth #3: Hair color can damage your hair

The reality is that hair color professionals use high quality professional products. The products and techniques used are sure to nourish, condition and maintain the integrity of your hair during the process as well as after you walk out of the salon a satisfied confident woman. Only hair color professionals know how and what to apply in order for your hair to be healthy and beautiful. Most often client’s hair after a color from a professional hair colorist will look and feel more silky and soft. The best hair color experts will also always recommend professional products like shampoos and conditions that are specifically formulated for you that will help you maintain your color and keep your look healthy.

Myth #4: The best advice about professional hair color is from your friends

The ongoing education and experience of a hair color professional will simply outshine the advice that can be garnered from friends and family (unless they too are hair color professional ). Peacefully resting in a salon chair while you sip your coffee and listen to the consultation of your own personal hair color expert will lead you down the path of happiness. The consultation with your hair colorist is an essential part to getting all you want out of your experience. With the best education in hair color theory and practical techniques on their side a hair colorist can help bring peace about your decision rather than the confusion that advice from friends and family may bring.

Myth #5: You can’t make your hair color last longer and look better

How can you keep your hair color looking great between visits you ask? There are several actions you can take for longer lasting and shinier hair color. First and foremost, it is crucial to have a hair color professional do your color and to actively participate in the hair colorist’s consultation. Another way to improve longevity and beauty in your hair color is to ask for a deep conditioning treatment prior to your color application. There are also many conditioning, shampoo, and color boosting products that you can go home with after your relaxing appointment which will help maintain your hair in its shiny, healthy, and bright state.

Myth #6: You should not wash your hair for a week after it is colored.

This myth has been spread in many MANY circles. It is just that……….a complete myth. You can wash your hair after it has been colored and it is always best to use a “color safe” shampoo and condition. So don’t be afraid, wash away.

So you have now been “de-mythed”!!! It is time to take some time for yourself and pay a visit to your favorite hair color professional. You know you are going to stand up from that chair feeling more attractive, more confident, and more vibrant about life as you take on your daily challenges.