What the Heck is Sugaring?

Utopia Salon & Day Spa now offering Sugaring! Why is Sugaring a sweeter deal in hair removal?


  • Sugar paste is 100% natural. There are no chemicals, fragrance, or artificial coloring. Since it’s made from sugar, water, and sometimes lemon, it is hypoallergenic and even edible!
  • Sugaring is a less painful form of hair removal because it only adheres to the hair. It can be used on the same area more than once. This results in a smoother, more complete service.
  • Sugar encapsulates the hair, reducing broken hairs and ingrown hair bumps.
  • There is never a reason to panic if sugar accidentally ends up in the wrong place. The stickiness of sugar is easily cleaned with warm water.
  • Bacteria can not breed in a tub of sugar.
  • Sugar is ideal for bikini, Brazilian, and underarms.

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